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52 Funny, Geeky Valentines Cards

Valentines Day: perhaps the silliest of the recognized holidays, whether you think it’s silly and fun or silly and stupid. In my opinion, probably the best thing about Valentines day is fan-made nerdy Valentines, whether or not you’re actually giving them. So here’s more than fifty geeky valentines from video games, television, comics, movies, and more; some of which you can print, some of which you can buy; all of which you can enjoy and then have enough time to use later this month.

The above Valentine was created by Kate Leth, and is on sale at her Etsy shop. It seemed most appropriate for the top of the post, but we’ll return to her other Valentines later, because now we’re going to move to the theme of video games.



Oxboxer crafted these Skyrim Valentines. Insert your arrow joke here.


Thank you.

>>>Next: Portal and Left 4 Dead!

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  • mea.glitch

    Should I worry that most of the cutest ones are for a zombie survival game?

  • Nicole Adelle Rich

    I bought the Kate or Die ones last week. They are absolutely adorable. I don’t even want to give them away!

  • Anonymous
  • Bel
  • Sara Levine
  • Vic Horsham

    Still can’t decide whether the oatmeal’s farting-in-bed one or the taping-eyes-to-the-cat one would be a better representation of mine and the mister’s 9 years of mad-cat-lady-dom together.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t get over being worried that in the “single” valentine, her laptop will fall into the tub. At the very least, unplug it first!

  • Remei Gómez Gracia


  • Molly Mandlin

    Oh good! I’m not the only nutball who worries about the possible fatal electrocution of static two dimensional bathers. Wanna start an unproductive subcommittee?

  • Mieko Gavia

    I like most of these, but why is Chell so light skinned in this?

  • Anonymous

    The Arrow one just hits my heart.

  • Anonymous

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  • Amanda M. Ramsey

    A lot of these are really bad.

  • Anonymous

    Fringe Valentines!

  • Dan Buckley

    YOu should check these guys cards out – so effing funny!