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Zoolander Sequel Is Definitely Happening. Really!

No longer just being batted around as an awesome idea, Ben Stiller confirmed to Empire that the sequel to Zoolander is officially a go. He and Justin Theroux (who you may remember as the Evil DJ) have completed the script, which is now being handed off to the studio. We can now move on to the awesome cameo casting speculation. Let’s say it together, everyone — things that are actually happening are so hot right now.

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Like most sequels, Zoolander‘s has been mostly a rumor, or at least nothing beyond Stiller and company saying, “Yeah, we’d love to do this.” (I can’t tell you how my psyche has been yanked around by the Ghostbusters crew.) Many times, it’s best to ditch sequel ideas, especially when the original is so, so beloved. Some people won’t sign on, or can only commit to so much that they’re barely involved and can’t reprise a great role. But with this news came confirmation that Will Ferrell will be back as evil fashion designer Mugatu and will play a significant role in the sequel. Could they have come up with a new nemesis for Derek and Hansel? I guess … but if you can get the creator of the keyboard tie back on board, why pass that up?

But what’s going to be so cool about a Zoolander sequel is the catch-up. It’s been 10 years since the original, and Derek and Hansel will be older and, well, probably not so relevant in the movie’s fictional fashion industry (which didn’t veer far from the actual fashion industry of 2000). How will two aging male models be coping with an age of 24/7 news, social networking, smart phones, viral videos, or Perez Hilton, for that matter? Because surely, they’re going to be airbrushed to within an inch of their lives, and they’re not going to get away with it. If they were under a microscope before, now they’d be wearing one as a hat. A hat connected to a computer. That was created by Lady Gaga.

We mostly groan at the prospect of sequels, and oftentimes, rightly so. But another Zoolander? Definitely WANT.


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