Freedom of Information Request Reveals U.K. City Is Unprepared for Zombie Attack

Here’s an occasion for political alarm if ever their was one: One citizen’s Freedom of Information request to the city council of Leicester, England revealed that the city is woefully unprepared for a zombie attack. According to the “concerned citizen” who filed the request, a man by the name of Robert Ainsley, “Having watched several films it is clear that preparation for such an event is poor and one that councils throughout the kingdom must prepare for.”


“We’ve had a few wacky ones before but this one did make us laugh,” said Lynn Wyeth, head of information governance.

The Freedom of Information Act allows a right of access to recorded information held by public authorities.

Ms Wyeth said she was unaware of any specific reference to a zombie attack in the council’s emergency plan, however some elements of it could be applied if the situation arose.

(via BBC, Telegraph)

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