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Zack Snyder Shows off New “Tactical Batsuit” From Justice League Set; We Speculate Wildly

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While arguments over the direction of the DC movie universe rage online, Justice League‘s November 2017 release is still hurtling towards us, and it looks like things are winding down on set. This time around, Batman’s got a new suit to go with his mecha-Batman outfit from Batman v Superman, and it’s got a strange look to it that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Oh, wait, yeah—it’s hard to see in all the darkness, but if you zoom in a bit, it looks like an angry cat. You know, when they put their ears back and shrink away from whatever’s irritating them in an ornery fashion? So first we had sad Batman, and now we have mildly-irritated-cat Batman. Just what purpose this new batsuit serves, however, remains a mystery, as we still don’t know a whole lot about Justice League just yet … and because it’s probably not that important and is just a cool-looking new batsuit because Zack Snyder is excited to get to play around with Batman—but that’s never stopped us from wildly speculating before!

So, what say you, dear readers? Has Batman become a cat-bat hybrid in an effort to stay up to par with the rest of his superhuman team? Is the suit more aerodynamic for some unknown purpose? Did Batman’s regular helmet just get stretched backwards by the incredible g-force strain from all those super speed piggyback rides he’s been getting from the Flash? (How else is he supposed to keep up, hmmmm?) We’ll find out next year.

(via Jill Pantozzi on Twitter, featured image via Warner Bros.)

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