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Young & Hungry Is the Quintessential Cinnamon Roll You Should Be Dining on Each Week

Sorry, Charlie Cox.


While the Internet is still gasping for air after the big reveal in the Pretty Little Liars mid-season finale (and its troubling trope), ABC Family has been harboring another bombshell—this one all great: Young & Hungry. Executive produced by High School Musical alum Ashley Tisdale, the sitcom follows a twenty-something food blogger named Gabi (played by Hannah Montana’s Emily Osment) who lands her dream gig as a personal chef to a wealthy tech entrepreneur (played by Jonathan Sadowski).

If you’ve ever watched Greek or Baby Daddy, you’re familiar with ABC Family’s penchant for quality family programming and meaty storylines. Going against the trend of superfluous comedies coasting on stale gags and awkwardly-inserted laugh tracks, this series soars with witty dialogue and a charismatic lead actress. Oh, and its supporting cast is equally exciting. (Hey there Kym Whitley, Rex Lee, and Aimee Carrero.) But more than that, if I can borrow a line from Degrassiit goes there.

In the very first episode, an intoxicated Gabi ends up in bed with her heartbroken and equally drunk boss. After realizing their mistake, the two agree to remain friendly co-workers and even get tested for STIs together in the next season. Considering the fact that many adult-themed shows can barely utter the word “condom” let alone “STI test,” this is a huge step. And more than that, this show is relatable. Sure, we might not have a cool boss that lets us take a three-week vacation in China, but who isn’t reaching for the whipped cream and a carton of ice cream after a rough day?


And in the spring finale, Gabi took five steps forward for TV women everywhere by choosing an apprenticeship with a renowned chef in Switzerland over two men vying for her affection. Take that, over-used love triangles!

With the summer premiere less than a week away and both seasons currently available on Netflix, it’s time to stop procrastinating and start binging! Or, you can check out the trailer below and pretend you’re all caught up.

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