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You Season 3 Trailer Asks What’s Better Than One Obsessed Killer? A Murderous Couple!

You trailer still with Joe, Love, and their son standing together.

The last we saw of the Netflix show You, Joe Goldberg met his match with Love. Thinking he was falling back into his pattern of obsessing over a woman to the point of him breaking and hurting the women he swears that he loves, Joe quickly realized that Love was a different kind of woman—meaning that he thought she was the monster of their relationship and the pair became two peas from the same pod.

In a trailer for season 3, it seems as if Joe’s happy little life in the “soulless” suburbs is for his son that he has with Love. But it doesn’t seem like their picture-perfect family is going to go well when Joe becomes fascinated with their neighbor, a little sneak peek that we saw at the end of season 2. And with Love at his side, it is just one slippery slope for the Goldbergs.

You is, for the most part, a show with absolutely horrible characters all falling in love with each other, and the worst of them all is Joe Goldberg. Penn Badgley masterfully brings Joe to life and, in true fashion, there is a fandom out there that romanticizes Joe’s actions—which consist of murdering his girlfriend in season 1, but alas.

With each new season, we get a look into just how far Joe will go to protect this image of himself that he puts out in the world and what lengths he’ll go to in order to win over the affections of the women he targets. With Victoria Pedretti’s Love, he is thrown into the same kind of relationship that he constantly puts his victims in.

Love Quinn is a woman who seemed like a perfect option for Joe’s next target. The problem? She thinks just like he does, and this trailer shows the two clearly burying something, with their son just sitting behind them as they dig. They are two people driven by their own jealousy without anything stopping them. When Joe and Love get worried about their perfect little relationships, they’ll do whatever it takes to keep that, and they’re constantly enabled by their own wealth and status to just keep lying.

Joe can never stay anywhere for long. He left New York after Beck’s death and found Love in Los Angeles, but with their new baby, they’ve moved to the suburbs, and how that is going to work out for them, in the long run, remains to be seen. But I don’t have much hope for Joe and Love making it out of their little fairytale without death and destruction following them around.

You season 3 is coming to Netflix on October 15, and what a perfect way to celebrate the spooky season, with Joe Goldberg and his obsession with the women in his life, to a murderous degree.

(image: Netflix)

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