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World War Z Sequel Isn’t Dead, Has a Director. Kill Me Now.

Today in Depressing

*zombie grrrroan*

World War Z, for all that it was a disappointment of a film (OK, maybe I’m editorializing a bit there), is getting a sequel, because it made a bunch of money and that’s what happens when a film makes lots of dough, even it was was bad. (See: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, which to be fair is far worse than World War Z, but World War Z took one of my favorite books from the last few years and made it into a generic Hollywood blah-fest, and I am allowed to be bitter about that. You can read my review here).


Marc Forster, director of the first movie, is out. Taking up his zombie-killing duties is Juan Antonio Bayona, director of The Impossible and several episodes of Penny Dreadful, Showtime’s upcoming Victorian-era horror series that has Billie Piper, Eva Green, and Helen McCrory in its ensemble cast.

…OK, that put me in a better mood.

The World War Z sequel doesn’t have a writer yet. Likewise it’s not been officially announced that Brad Pitt will be back, but he totally will, because it’s his production company that dragged the film through those infamous production troubles and got it to the big screen in the first place.

It’s worth noting that Paramount originally saw World War Z as a trilogy, so it’s entirely possible that if this second movie does well we’ll be getting a third one.


(via: Variety)

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