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Today Is The Last Day Of The World Science Festival, Catch The Final Livestreams Right Here

Get a little science on your Sunday.

World Science Festival

Today is the last day of the World Science Festival in Brooklyn! If you’ve missed out so far, don’t worry – you can catch livestreams of the final events right here at 1pm, 4pm, and 5pm EDT.

At 1pm EDT, you’ll have to choose between two events. First, we’ve got “Cool Jobs”:

If you’re not feeling the job hunt, you can also check out “The Deceptive Watchman: Mind, Brain, and Time” at 1pm EDT:

Through an interdisciplinary discussion among some of the worlds leading researchers, explore the human experience of time, including the fascinating relationship between memory and reality, and the chemical and electrical impulses of the brain that drive the experience.

Pop back at 4pm EDT for “What is Color?”:

In an action-packed hour, our audience and experts will delve into the world of color. It all leads up to a dazzling sound and light show, helping us see the colors a young synesthete has in her head when she rocks out on the electric violin.

And stick around for the finale livestream at 5pm EDT, “Go Figure: Predicting the World with Math”:

Join an exploration of the surprising predictive power of math, and probe the theoretical limits of even the most promising computers of tomorrow. We’re tackling ever more complex problems-but are there some problems simply beyond the reach of machines?

(via World Science Festival, image via Erica Anderson)

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