Crazy Overclocked AMD Bulldozer Chip Sets World Record

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Chipmaker AMD recently announced that late last month, the company set a new world record for CPU overclocking. Using their Bulldozer-FX octo-core chip, Guinnnes World Records has confirmed that the company blew past the previous record of 8.3 GHZ and set the new benchmark at 8.429 GHZ. All it took was the help of experienced overclockers Pete HardmanSami Maekinen, Brian Mclachlan, Aaron Schradin, and some super-cold liquid helium.

While this was mostly to show off what could be done with the Bulldozer-FX chips under extreme conditions, the team also wanted to show off what could be done by the average geek at home that doesn’t have access to huge quantities of liquid gases. Their tests began with low-cost air and water-cooled configurations, which was apparently sufficient to get the processors over the 5 GHZ line. Cooling the processor with liquid nitrogen pushed the processor past the existing world record, but it took -220º F liquid helium to achieve the final speed.

To see a video a video set to music far too intense for overclocking hardware, read on after the break.

(AMD via Engadget)

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