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This Wonder Woman Roller Coaster Looks Terrifying & I Want to Live Inside of It

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Now that Wonder Woman has thoroughly shattered a number of box office records, it’s finding new ways to thrill us. And heads up: this one is extra thrilling.

Six Flags has announced that they’ll be adding a Wonder Woman-themed ride to its San Antonio Fiesta Texas park. And just like the movie’s status as a record-breaking woman-led superhero blockbuster, this ride will be the first of its kind. Unlike most roller coasters that ride on two tracks, this one, dubbed the “Golden Lasso Coaster,” will send a narrow train along one single 15 1/2 inch track. The result looks beyond scary, but also promises to have a unique feel.

Larry Chickola, Six Flags VP and chief corporate engineer, says “I expect it to be crazy smooth. And crazy fun. There will be extremely quick twists and turns – quicker and smoother than regular coasters.”

You know that feeling of being knocked around on jerky, twisty roller coasters? That’s especially present on wooden rides. And apparently, that’s what the single track will eliminate. There’s no risk of misaligned tracks, which is what’s responsible for that jerkiness. The Golden Lasso will have multiple inversions and a 90-degree, hundred foot drop, all on one thin, smooth rail.

Imagine, I guess:

But also:

On top of all of that, the ride will be “visually stunning” in a surprising way “It’s just going to look wrong, but in a nice way.” You can see that in the video above–the ride will have steel beams, but not as many as you’d expect, since the track will be so light. Supposedly, it will look like “a thin ribbon of track suspended in the sky.”

Frankly, that sounds terrifying. But in a way that also makes me want to road trip to San Antonio and take up real estate there forever. You know, if we’re speaking our truths.

What say you? Are you into this, or does it sound like an Amazonian death trap?

(via USA Today, featured image: Warner Bros.)

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