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Diana Unleashes Her Amazon Bracelets in New Wonder Woman Clip



Warner Brothers has put its marketing machine into high gear for the release of the new Wonder Woman trailer, expected to drop some time today. In a hype-building clip shared on Twitter and Instagram, we got to see some of Diana’s Amazon training.

In the clip, Diana (Gal Gadot) is being trained by an Amazon who was told to “train her harder than any Amazon before her…until she is better than even you.” Her trainer chides her for “expect[ing] the battle to be fair.”

I’m heartened that this clip (a) shows some badass Amazon fight scenes (b) seems to highlight Diana’s idealism. The last thing we need is a disillusioned Diana–look at what that did to Superman–and I’m hopeful that they’ll instead show how her morals and ideals might survive a world that constantly tries to undermine them.

Like many viewers, I’m a little weary of origin stories, but I do love that they’re highlighting the Amazons in Diana’s. Given that she’s the lone woman in DC’s cinematic Justice League, I don’t want them to attach some sort of “special” or “not like other girls” narrative to her. This clip gives me hope that they’ll instead show how being raised, taught, and surrounded by other women is an integral part of how she becomes the hero she is. In this political climate, we need narratives of sisterhood more than ever, and Wonder Woman could be the perfect vehicle to deliver them.

Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman is due in theaters on June 2, 2017.

(Via ScreenCrush; image via screengrab)

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