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Did Patty Jenkins Just Reveal Pedro Pascal’s Role in Wonder Woman 1984?

A male villain that uses mind manipulation to get what he wants? Sounds like the perfect kind of evil.

Diana readies herself for battle in the new poster for Wonder Woman 1984.

Many of us have wondered who Pedro Pascal was playing in Wonder Woman 1984, and it seems as if Patty Jenkins has now given us a hint. While she hasn’t confirmed that this is Pascal’s role, she did share a hint that Maxwell Lord is heading to Diana Prince’s world …

Now, why I think this could be her announcement that Pedro Pascal is bringing Maxwell to life goes back to Jenkins’s tweet while they were filming.

In the comics, Maxwell Lord can use his mind power to manipulate those he needs something from. Sure, it takes a toll on his body, but he’s still manipulating people. We might not see that level of power in the movie, but it still seems like an interesting character to bring in to Wonder Woman 1984, especially with the way the world is. A male villain who uses his words and power to lord it over people? Sounds very 2019.

Now, let’s get into Maxwell. A man who idolized his father only to have said father commit suicide, Lord let his mother’s words seep into his every movie as an adult. As Comic Vine puts it,

Maxwell Lord IV is the son of Maxwell Lord III. Maxwell Lord III was a good businessman who always had enough to help others and also his family. Maxwell the III always made an effort to do what was right and be a great example for his son. At the age of sixteen, Maxwell Lord IV came home to find his father dead of an apparent suicide. Max was told by his mother that powerful people are always evil and that he must have control over them all. She stated that if Max ever meets powerful men or women, then he must plan every step.

A CEO and a man who clearly knows what he wants, Lord is the kind of villain that works best with a character like Diana (or Kara in Supergirl), because of the added gender dynamics.

Sure, this isn’t exactly confirmation of Pascal’s character, but it does fit with the image we got from Jenkins herself, as well as what we know about Maxwell Lord from the lore. It will be interesting to see Pascal take on the role (if he is playing Maxwell) but I’m more interested in watching Diana Prince deal with this guy. Now that’s going to be fun.

(via, image: Warner Bros.)

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