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LOL Of The Day: Big-Time Men’s Rights Activist Says “Vaginas” In The Workplace Make Civilization Less “Excellent”

Because aqueducts, apparently?


Well, everyone, another long week is coming to a close, and I think we’d be remiss if we didn’t end it on a chuckle. We laugh, of course, so that we do not cry.

According to RawStory, “A Voice for Men” founder Paul Elam appeared on “ManStream Media” (lololololol) recently to argue that, if women had historically been granted the same excessive liberties we’ve managed to wrest from the patriarchy of late, civilization would never have landed on the Moon, cured diseases, or, umm, aqueducted? Here, I’ll just let Mr. Man explain:

There’s just a different way that men do things with each other […] and it results in excellence. In civilization. In the aqueducts being built. To people landing on the moon and cures being found to disease.

For instance, say some tragic workplace accident were to take place on a construction site (Hera forbid). How would men react?

they’ll say, ‘That’ll teach his ass. When he comes back to the job, he won’t do that again.’ But they will get him medical care. […] I’m sorry, ladies, but if we want society to advance, we need to leave men alone to do their work — to do their thing and be with each other to get things done. Because that’s how it works.

Elam then used the age-old rhetoric technique of pitching one’s voice:

‘Hi! […] I have a vagina and a whole new set of rules! Never mind what’s worked for thousands of years, because I’m female and I know how to make 9,000 people work together to build a bridge across two miles of river!’

Well, you sure taught my ass, guy!

Although I hate giving a chuckle-to-the-fuck like Elam more attention than he already has, women shouldn’t have to “just ignore” this kind of verbal abuse until it goes away. At the same time, the opinions of someone who has made his Internet nut whining about men’s rights aren’t really deserving of rebuttal.

But, if you’re as sick as I am of silently seeing such toxic (if supremely silly) shit on the daily, feel free to cathartically GIF the hell out of this asshat in the comments below. Here, I found a good one for “Manstream!”


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