Windows 8 Switches to Black Screen of Death

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Throughout the ages, Microsoft’s Stop Error startled users so frequently with its bright blue screen, that it was given the legendary moniker Blue Screen of Death. Microsoft has tested out different colors before, as they tried out a red screen in certain beta versions of Windows 98 and Vista–but dispensed with the idea of making the Stop Error even scarier because why god why. The upcoming beta version of Windows 8 is using the above Black Screen of Death, black less terrifying, even though it shares the color with actual Death, though is definitely more soothing than Retina-Burning Blue or Your Xbox Just Broke Red. Microsoft has used a black screen before, in Windows 3.x, when DOS-based applications failed to properly execute.

This switch in color isn’t necessarily permanent, as noted above, the Stop Error color has changed in beta builds of Windows in the past, but always found its way back to blue. Do you prefer Death’s Robe Black, or would you like to go back to Retina-Burning Blue? Either way, our muscle memory won’t have too much of an issue, as it’ll still be a BSoD.

(via WinRumors)

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