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Will We See More of Prime Video’s Historical Drama With a Magical Twist?

If you’re a fan of historical dramas, you’ll want to check out Prime Video’s My Lady Jane. And if you’re already a fan and wondering whether there will be a My Lady Jane season 2, we’ve got you covered down below.

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My Lady Jane features the main character of Lady Jane Grey, who was a real historical figure from the 16th century. As stated by Britannica, Lady Grey is peculiar and fascinating because she was Queen of England for just nine days. Due to a political scheme by Edward VI to maintain power and keep Mary I from the throne, he rearranged his line of succession to send Lady Grey directly to the throne after he passed. Lady Grey became queen on July 10, 1553, but given Mary’s overwhelming popularity, she was ousted from the throne on July 19 and executed a year later.

According to The Economic Times, My Lady Jane hasn’t been renewed for season 2 yet. Typically, whether a show gets renewed for additional seasons is dependent on how well-received it is and how many people tune in to watch it. Streaming services track such metrics as new subscribers during a show’s run, as well, but they’re generally very secretive about this data, so it’s hard to know for sure. Still, its high placement on online streaming charts is a good sign.

The series follows the story of the real-life Jane quite loosely, making very drastic changes like not having her executed and adding magic powers to the show’s universe. There are two competing groups: the Verities, who are normal people, and the Ethians, who can shapeshift into animals at will. Jane finds herself caught in a conflict between the two factions and must figure out how to protect her kingdom and fight back against her enemies. In this show, Jane is also married to Guildford Dudley, which is true to life.

My Lady Jane is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Here at The Mary Sue, we’re pretty into it, given our glowingly positive review that you can read here.

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