Robson Green as DI Geordie Keating and Rishi Nair as Alphy Kotteram in Grantchester
(PBS Masterpiece/ITV)

Thank Heavens! ‘Grantchester’ Season 10 Is Officially in the Works

Tom Brittney may have decided to leave Grantchester after six years, but that doesn’t mean the show is slowing down any time soon. On the contrary—with Robson Green’s Geordie Keating and Rishi Nair’s new vicar Alphy Kotteram on the scene, Grantchester is officially returning for a monumental 10th season.

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Grantchester season 9 may have only just begun on PBS Masterpiece—new episodes air weekly on Sundays in the U.S. until August 4—but ITV and PBS are moving full steam ahead with the next season, which is set to begin filming on location in the U.K. this July. In this age of streaming, Grantchester is one of a handful of shows that has a consistent, yearly release schedule, so its enduring popularity is no surprise. As it stands, Grantchester season 10 may well premiere in the spring or summer of 2025.

Set in the sleepy Cambridgeshire village of Grantchester and its surrounds, DI Keating and his best friends—Sidney Chambers (James Norton) previously, Will Davenport (Tom Brittney) presently, and Alphy Kotteram in the near future—investigate and solve any number of dangerous cases, ranging from blackmail and kidnapping to murder.

Recently, Green and Nair teamed up to share the good news of Grantchester’s season 10 renewal. You can watch their official announcement video below:

One of the reasons the show works so well is because of Geordie’s difficulty dealing with his emotions. Each vicar brings out a new side of him, and we’re confident Alphy will be no different. How they get on in the beginning, when Nair officially joins the show halfway through season 9, is anyone’s guess. His character has previously been described as “charismatic” with an “instinctive distrust for authority” and the police, especially. Their new dynamic will certainly be interesting to watch unfold, and we can’t wait to see it develop throughout season 9 and Grantchester season 10. How he’ll fit into Grantchester’s tight-knit family is sure to make for a compelling storyline and character development, but as we still have no idea how season 9 will end, it’s impossible to say what awaits us in season 10.

Nair and Green aren’t the only cast members returning for Grantchester’s 10th season. Joining them are Al Weaver as Leonard Finch, Tessa Peake-Jones as Mrs. Maguire, Kacey Ainsworth as Geordie’s husband Cathy Keating, Oliver Dimsdale as Leonard’s partner, Daniel Marlowe, Nick Brimble as Jack Chapman, Bradley Hall as Larry Peters, and Melissa Johns as precinct secretary Miss Scott.

Sadly, U.K. viewers will have to wait a bit longer to meet Reverend Alphy Kotteram in Grantchester season 9, as there is no official ITV release date yet. However, fans around the world can rest assured that Grantchester is nowhere near done yet. It’s just the start of a new era.

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