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‘After The Flood’ Deserves a Second Season After a Riveting Season 1

Sophie Rundle’s British crime mystery series After the Flood ended on a mighty cliffhanger, prompting fans to inquire about a potential second season.

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The ITV series, comprising six episodes, ran for more than a month between January and February 2024, drawing in millions of U.K. viewers per episode. While the season 1 finale does demand a second season, ITV hasn’t confirmed whether fans will be treated to more of Rundle’s PC Joanna Marshall. However, there should be an air of optimism around the renewal, considering thriller shows do tend to end up getting a second season if the first segment ends on an ambiguous note.

If ITV does indeed decide to go ahead with season 2 of the show, fans can expect it to come out sometime in 2025. Season 1 had a lightning-quick turnaround time, as it was commissioned in February 2023 and released in January 2024, but it’s important to note that a potential delay could stem from the fact that Sophie Rundle announced her pregnancy in April.

Spoilers ahead!

In terms of cast, Rundle, Lorraine Ashbourne, Matt Stokoe, Philip Glenister, Jacqueline Boatswain, Nicholas Gleaves, Anita Adam Gabay, Daniel Betts, Heider Ali, Faye McKeever, George Bukhari, James Quinn, Arthur McBain, and Tripti Tripuraneni are expected to reprise their roles from season 1. Jonas Armstrong’s character dies a tragic death in season 1, which means he won’t be returning for the second season. Nicholas Gleaves’ character could return as the main antagonist of season 2, taking into account the first season’s finale’s events.

After the Flood mostly received mixed reviews from critics, registering a mediocre 64% score on Rotten Tomatoes. It has an average audience score of 28% on the website, but viewing numbers suggest that U.K. audiences tuned in to watch the crime drama regardless.

U.S. viewers can catch the series on BritBox, and those in the U.K. can catch the show on ITVX.

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