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Will There Be a ‘Warcraft 2’ Movie?

New Warcraft? Didn’t we have enough with the old one? Didn’t we have enough with THE GAME? I’m still in treatment for World of Warcraft-induced carpal tunnel from playing it. Please, don’t reignite my passion with Warcraft 2.

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What was the first Warcraft about again?

Warcraft was supposed to be the beginning of a video game movie dynasty. Perhaps even a competitor to Marvel itself! World of Warcraft was to gaming as breathing was to living in glory days of the ’00s. It’s one of the most (if not the most) successful MMORPGS of all time, and is responsible for the loss of COUNTLESS hours of people’s time the world over. The Warcraft movie was supposed to reignite that passion on the big screen, dramatizing the tale of battle between the species of the Alliance and the Horde, as well as inter-clan warfare between the Orcs of the Horde themselves. One of them starts screwing around with demons and dark magic, and many of the other Orcs ain’t about it. It’s a real problem.

Is Warcraft 2 happening?

Short answer: no. Warcraft 2 is not happening. Why? Because Warcraft was a flop. It did poorly at the box office and only has a 29% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Movies like that don’t get made again. Warcraft is, however, getting new life on Netflix, and fans of the film went on to make a teaser trailer for Warcraft 2: The Lich King—which actually looks hype af.

But alas, it isn’t real. Just a fan-made trailer for something that does not exist. There isn’t an actor known by the name of “Hwnry Cavil,” and I would have strong words for his parents who named him if there were.

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