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Hard-Working Wikipedian Reaches 1 Million Edits


Wikipedian and compulsive editor Justin Knapp has just accomplished a goal that is surreal in its magnitude. Justin Knapp is the first person to make 1 million edits to everyone’s favorite free, editable encyclopedia. Yes anyone can edit it, but no one edits it quite like Justin Knapp. He’s been barreling at the record for the a while now, maintaining an average of over 350 amendments per day. In celebration of his achievements, Knapp has been given an impressive array of Wikipedia awards, and has had April 20th named as a holiday in his honor as a thank you from Jimmy Wales himself.

Knapp, having degrees in philosophy and political science, has stayed mostly within that realm on the encyclopedia, and apparently there is no shortage of things to edit. In an attempt to explain the feat, and poke a little bit of fun at himself in the process, he posted this explanation on his talk page: “Being suddenly and involuntarily unemployed will do that to you.”

In accordance with Justin Knapp Day, all Wikipedians are strongly encouraged to “say a toast to Justin and his many edits” but why restrict that to Wikipedians? I think we’re all at least a little bit in debt to Justin, and those like him, so let’s all raise a glass — or whatever else you may be holding today — to all those selfless know-it-alls who really know it all, and let the rest of us benefit from it. Cheers.

(via Engadget)

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