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“Wife Said No” to iPad 2; “Apple Said Yes”

This story has been making its way around the Apple blogs, and judging by the pure delight with which it has been received, it seems to be the ultimate Apple fan fantasy come true.

According to “an individual close to Apple” by way of MacRumors, a man who had bought an iPad 2 shortly after launch returned it to the store. The Apple Store team charged with troubleshooting customer complaints found a Post-It note on the iPad that said “Wife said no.”

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Eventually, the story made its way up to two VPs at Apple: They sent the man a free iPad 2 with a Post-It note on it that said “Apple said yes.”

Cue 500 Apple fans reading this story and attempting to try it on their iPad 2s/iPhones/17″ MacBook Pros and being very sad when it doesn’t work out. Good for that guy, though.

(MacRumors via TiPb)

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