Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in 'Notting Hill,' alongside Nicholas Galitzine in 'Red, White and Royal Blue'
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You Cannot Unsee This Perfect Nicholas Galitzine Fan Cast

What’s the criteria for a man to be declared babygirl? And what is it about the tallest ones in particular that makes us want to designate them as such? Take Nicholas Galitzine, for example. The Idea of You actor and current Internet boyfriend has been ordained as babygirl.

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And his fans have found a new (shall we say?) “hill” they’re willing to die on. They think Nicholas Galitizine looks like he could be the son of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant’s characters from the 1999 rom-com, Notting Hill, and they’re not wrong!

One X user was doing the usual gushing over the Red, White & Royal Blue star when another pointed out that Galitzine in that photo looked like “the hypothetical child of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in Notting Hill?”

One user was quick to provide a visual aid, which would surely help anyone who still couldn’t see the light. Nicholas Galitzine in his blue shirt, wide smile à la Julia Roberts and hair looking like Hugh Grant’s from the beloved rom-com, could very well be Anna Scott and William Thacker’s son!

While I’m all for not touching classic movies, when I read some fans clamouring for a Notting Hill 2 with Nicholas Galitzine after this observation, I couldn’t help but get a bit intrigued. One could even argue that The Idea of You does have hints of a celebrity/non-celeb romance. 

In fact, someone even suggested that a sequel to The Idea of You could have Solène meet Hayes’ parents, and it would be fun to have them be Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant! Wouldn’t that be a great spiritual sequel to what happened in Notting Hill?

Notting Hill also happens to be one of Anne Hathaway’s two favorite rom-coms (the second one, as she revealed on James Corden’s show, is Gone Girl). So maybe we’re on to something here?

If you’re still not convinced about the resemblance, here’s one last example: Remember the interview scene from Red, White & Royal Blue ft. Nicholas Galitzine and Taylor Zakhar Perez? Well, fans have long since observed that the staging of that scene bears strong resemblance to the scene in Notting Hill where William interviews Anna for “Horse & Hound”!

Not just this scene, but there are several other scenes from RWRB where fans have drawn parallels with Notting Hill, back when the former released.

Well, I am just a fan, standing in front of the powers that be, asking them to make this happen!

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