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Alright So Who Exactly Is ‘The Acolyte’s Villain? We Have Theories

Mae’s Sith Master is an important character in The Acolyte but the identity of the master is still a major question. Yes, the Sith Master is the villain of this season (especially after killing my boy Kelnacca) but we don’t even know their name or who they are!

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Right now, there are theories about who the Sith Master is. Known simply as “The Master,” we don’t who they are. But confirmed: This is the villain of the show. When you get into the “who is behind the mask” theories, you have quite a range. Possibly the most popular theory is that The Master is Qimir (Manny Jacinto) but that seems maybe a little too obvious at this point.

We’ve seen theories that Vernestra Rwoh (Rebecca Henderson) is actually turning to the Dark Side and maybe even a theory about a third sister of Mae and Osha. There are, of course, the more jokey answers like Jar-Jar Binks, Keef Girgo, and more but we just don’t know yet. And there are plenty of options for who the Master can be.

Another theory (and one I also believe) is that The Master is Mae and Osha’s mother, Mother Koril (Margarita Levieva). That Mother Koril survived Brendok and wants revenge on the Jedi does make a lot of sense. Probably more sense than some other theories.

Whoever the Master is, they’re a compelling villain

What is so fun about The Acolyte is that it is showing the Jedi at the height of their power but also highlighting the mistakes that the Jedi make. They’re far from perfect but they’re not the villain of the series. They just get misguided and follow their own rules to a fault. So it lets people like the Master grow to resent the Jedi and hurt them and those close to them because of it.

We know that Mae was struggling with the task presented to her and she didn’t want to complete the Master’s mission and the end of episode 4 brought Osha and the Master face to face. We still don’t know who the Master is though. Qimir was tied up when Mae ran off and we have never seen the Master and Qimir in the same room together but that also does feel like a classic bait-and-switch for Star Wars.

For now, we have a villain in the Master and we just need to learn who they are.

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