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Who Is Sara in ‘Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness’? Questioning My Life Because of a Funko Pop…

Doctor Strange Sara Funko POP

The Pop Funko collection for the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe Doctor Strange sequel is here, and it includes more than one mysterious character. The collectibles for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness include Rintrah, who we see in the trailer, as well as Sara. Who the heck is Sara? Let’s try and figure it out. There are a lot of rumors about which characters from the Marvel multiverse will appear in the madness. In that frenzy, some regular old new characters have snuck in under the radar.

Sara’s a pretty common name. A quick look at the Marvel Fandom Wikia pulls up several options — including Jean Grey’s sister and Steve Rogers’ mother. More realistically, there is a character named Sara Wolfe as well as one named Sara Krowler, a.k.a Baroness Mondo. Both are magic practitioners in Marvel comics. Sara Wolfe is Wong’s love interest and Strange’s personal assistant. So if she were to be the Sara in question it would be a little like Pepper Potts 2.0, got it. Sara Krowler, on the other hand, is Mondo’s mother. In the comics, he sacrifices her to Dormammu. Fingers crossed that does not happen. We’ve already had a lot of dead moms (and terrible fathers) in the MCU. Too many, if you ask me.

There’s also a character named Sara Robbins who is connected to Parker Robbins a.k.a. The Hood. His powers come from Dormammu. They’re tangentially connected. So she’s a candidate, but I still think this might be more of a stretch. Unless Sara is a totally original character, I bet she’s connected to Wong or Mondo. The figure is wearing robes that look like the ones worn by characters in Kamar-Taj, the hidden city in Nepal where Strange trained as a sorcerer.

But what fascinates me most is how we have heard nothing about whoever is playing this character important enough to have a whole Funko Pop. Right now, other than the main announced cast seen in the trailer, there are almost no additional actors listed on the movie’s official IMDb page. Is “Sara” secretly an actor we already know is in the MCU? Or do we seriously know nothing about Multiverse of Madness? That’s kind of how it feels.

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