Eugene Patilio, AKA Leap-Frog, poses against a night sky.

Yes, Leap-Frog from ‘She-Hulk’ is an Actual Marvel Character

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When the trailer for Marvel’s Disney+ She-Hulk series first dropped, it revealed some of the amazing cameos that have come to define the series as Jen represents various super-powered clients in court. Now, after some truly strange D-list villains like the Wrecking Crew, Man-Bull, and Porcupine, we have perhaps the weirdest cameo yet: Eugene Patilio, A.K.A. Leap-Frog.

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So who exactly is Leap-Frog? Read on to find out!

Pretty fly for a green guy

An image from a comic book of Frog-Man jumping.
Frog-Man (Marvel)

For a minor character in the comics, Leap-Frog has a surprisingly rich history. Vincent Patilio is an inventor who creates a set of coils that allow him to jump up to six stories in the air. Vincent, who dubs himself Leap-Frog, ends up in prison after a stint as a supervillain, and when his son Eugene finds his father’s old suit and coils, he decides to make up for his family’s past by becoming a superhero called the Fabulous Frog-Man. In the comics, Eugene helps out Spider-Man, the Avengers, and other heroes and teams.

Who is Leap-Frog in She-Hulk?

In She-Hulk, the characters of Vincent and Eugene have clearly been combined into one. The character is named Eugene (although Jen’s boss does mention Eugene’s father, presumably Vincent), but he takes on the Leap-Frog moniker. Jen meets Eugene after Eugene ruins his super suit and burns himself by powering his jumping boots with jet fuel. Eugene attempts to sue Luke Jacobson, who designs both Eugene and Jen’s outfits, but the case is promptly dismissed.

Eugene then turns to villainy by hiring a bunch of goons, kidnapping Luke, and taking him to his “secret” lair (a building with a huge neon sign that says Lily Pad) and forcing him to repair the suit. Good thing Jen and Matt Murdock are around to save the day.

Will Leap-Frog return to the MCU someday? He may be toad-ally green with envy of the more important superheros, but let’s not jump to conclusions! He might be hoppy to lay low for awhile, instead of leaping into more croak and dagger adventures. Ha ha ha! Okay, I’m done.

(featured image: Marvel Studios)

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