A woman with glowing eyes attacks a man wearing a helmet in 'Loki'.

Who Is C-20 in Loki? Explained

Loki season 2 is still dealing with many ramifications from things that happened in season 1. Between Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) and Ravonna Renslayer‘s (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) actions, the timelines, and the TVA are experiencing a new level of chaos. Most of the TVA chain of command has either defected or gone missing. At least Hunter B-15 seems to be keeping things moving in a good direction.

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This season Loki finds out that Renslayer was in league with He Who Remains. While the TVA tries to find Renslayer in the continuously branching timelines, her crimes hang over everyone’s heads. As B-15 reminded everyone, Renslayer must be brought to justice because she killed Hunter C-20.

Who is Hunter C-20?

In season 1, the TVA’s Minutemen, went to Oshkosh, Wisconsin looking for Loki’s deadly variant, Sylvie Laufeydottir. One of the Minutemen, Hunter C-20 (Sasha Lane), was captured and passed by Sylvie. Using her enchantment powers, Sylvie went into C-20’s mind to get information about the TVA. Through the enchantment, C-20 saw that she wasn’t always an agent for the TVA. At one point, she had a life on some version of Earth. Once Sylvie had gathered the information she needed from C-20, she left the agent in the back room of Roxxcart in Haven Hills during a hurricane.

When the agents found her, she kept saying “It’s real” as her shock of once living a different life overwhelmed her. After taking her back to the TVA, she was interrogated by Renslayer. C-20 reiterated that she had friends once and everyone at the TVA were once regular people until their branches were pruned. The TVA erased their memories and forced them to work for all time. On her TemPad, Renslayer recorded the encounter and stepped in front of the camera to stop C-20 from talking. It appears that Renslayer killed C-20, but told Mobius C-20 died from mental troubles after Sylvie’s enchantment.

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