Bex, played by Keeley Hazell, as she appeared in Ted Lasso

I Am Here for This Coalition of Women Ready To Make Rupert’s Life Hell on ‘Ted Lasso’

Me @ Rebecca, Bex and Ms Kakes: "You go babes!"

Ted Lasso is heading towards its final episode, with plenty of emotions to process and quite a few narrative threads to tie up. The cast has always been great, but they’re showing up to work for this final season.

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There’s the great big question mark of Ted’s (Jason Sudeikis) future. Will he stay in London after the end of Richmond’s season or will he go back to Kansas, as the ending of “Mom City” suggests? What about Nate? Will Roy, Keeley, and Jamie finally going to get into a throuple as this episode desperately tried to suggest? And of course, we have to remember that Richmond has never been this close to winning the Premier League title.

“Mom City” also opens up a new avenue for Hannah Waddingham’s Rebecca—one that’s been coming ever since we realized what an absolutely gross human being her ex-husband Rupert (Anthony Head) is. In the episode’s final montage, we see Rebecca opening her front door to find two very unexpected guests.

A picture of Bex and Ms Kakes showing up to Rebecca's door in the second to last episode of Ted Lasso
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So who is Bex? And who is Ms. Kakes?

The first woman that Rebecca sees is her homonymous replacement Bex, played by Keeley Hazell. We first met Bex in the first season of Ted Lasso, during the fourth episode, “For the Children”—back then she was Rupert’s new partner, whom he started dating immediately after divorcing Rebecca.

Her presence obviously upset Rebecca for several reasons—the divorce was still a fresh wound, for starters, and we watched how long it took her to start healing from it. After all, Rupert literally replaced her with a younger version of herself. Perhaps most painful for Rebecca was Rupert and Bex having a baby, something Rupert claimed he didn’t want—but that turns out he just didn’t want with Rebecca. What a horrible, horrible man.

Anthony Head as Rupert Mannion giving one of his usual smug and very punchable grins in Ted Lasso
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Still, Rebecca has done a lot of work on herself in the course of Ted Lasso’s three seasons, and we saw how she managed to put the divorce behind her. The last time we saw Bex, who is now Rupert’s wife, Rebecca acted cordially towards her. And that goodwill soon morphs into solidarity when Rupert reveals himself as the usual, shitty person he always was and falls back into his old patterns.

During the big match between Richmond and West Ham, which went down in episode 3, “Big Week,” Rebecca spots Rupert kissing his assistant, Ms. Kakes (Rosie Lou). Rebecca doesn’t hang this over Bex, but instead warns Rupert to be very careful with his next moves.

Ms. Kakes shows up on Rebecca’s doorstep together with Bex, and we can guess that both women have been wronged by Rupert. They are likely looking for Rebecca’s advice on how to take him down, along with everything he holds dear. And I can’t wait to see how their revenge plays out.

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