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One Shield, Two Shield … Three Shield!? Who All Gets a Captain America Shield, Marvel?

Captain America's Shield in Falcon and the Winter Soldier

(Marvel Entertainment)

Anthony Mackie may be taking on the shield in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+, but he … may not be the only one? While we get ready to see Sam Wilson take on the mantle of Captain America and what that means to him, we also have to look at how Mackie himself feels about throwing that shield. Or … seeing others throw it as well?

Talking to The Daily Beast, Mackie made a point about the shield and how he, for whatever reason, saw a shield on the set of at least one other Marvel show: WandaVision.

”The funny thing about the shield training is, I feel like everyone has had shield training. I went by WandaVision, and there was a random shield. I was like, everyone’s getting shield training now!”

While WandaVision is a fantastical look at Wanda Maximoff coping with everything that happened to her from Age of Ultron through the death of Vision in Infinity War and beyond, there might be moments of Wanda’s dream world that feature Cap’s shield. But … why? Right now, we don’t know how or why Captain America would be involved in Wanda’s story, but … does that mean that Steve Rogers could be making an appearance?

Or is this going to be an opportunity to look at all the different variations of Captain America from the comics? Not only does Sam Wilson take on the shield in the pages of Marvel comics, but there’s Isaiah Bradley, John Walker, and of course, none other than James Buchanan Barnes. While the discussion over who would take on the shield after Chris Evans left was an important thing among fans, it’s always been clear, at least to me, that the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Bucky Barnes wouldn’t want Steve’s legacy placed upon him, at least not yet, so having the Sam Wilson iteration take place onscreen made the most sense.

But maybe through WandaVision, we’ll get to see all the different Captain Americas take shape in some way—specially since the show itself is already rumored to be setting up the Young Avengers and including Wanda’s twins in it.

With the news about shields just lying around everywhere over at Marvel (we’ve already seen it in someone else’s hands on Mackie’s own show), we have a lot to unpack. But Mackie also went on to talk about the significance of Avengers: Endgame and how these characters mean so much to everyone, including adults. With the significance of Mackie taking on the mantle of Captain America, he got to witness first hand how important these characters are to those who love the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

The response has been really overwhelming. I feel like it’s calmed down some now, but the movie still has this iconic place in our generation, because people were so affected by it. I was in Vancouver shooting Altered Carbon when Endgame came out. My stuntman, whom I’ve worked with forever and who did Endgame and was also doing Altered Carbon, got us Thursday night tickets to the first screening. We go to the screening, and it’s midnight, and everyone’s tired and quiet. Then Tony Stark dies and you just hear people openly weeping in the theater. You never expect to have that effect on people. But you have adults openly affected by these characters. I think it says a lot about what Joe and Anthony [Russo] were able to do as directors, and what Robert Downey Jr. has been able to do as an actor for the past 15 year.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but I’m extremely excited about Falcon and the Winter Soldier. We’ve only seen Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes through their connection to Steve Rogers, and now that Steve is “retired,” getting to see Sam and Bucky fight together and learn how to navigate this world, post-Endgame, is going to be incredible.


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