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Which of These Superhero Hot Dogs Would You Eat?

Iron Man seems tasty.

The Avengers eating shawarma

Ever wish you can go to a restaurant and order the Avengers? Just casually sit down and ask to try the Ant-Man? Well, thanks to this viral menu, it turns out it’s possible to order hot dogs that share their name with Earth’s mightiest heroes. And the ingredients chosen for each sure are interesting.

Sometimes, you need food in order to save the world, and that’s exactly what these Avengers-inspired hot dogs would help me do. I’d take one bite of Iron Man and be ready to take on whatever Titan was heading my way! Is it because the hot dogs are named after heroes I know and love, or do I really want a hot dog with mac and cheese on it?

Wow, writing that did make me feel a lot more like Hannibal Lecter instead of the Avengers …

Hannibal Lecter


But Top Dog in Houston, Texas has every nerd’s dream menu. Have I often thought of going to a restaurant and ordering the Spider-Man? Surely! (Again, I do feel very much like Hannibal the cannibal in having to write this, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Iron Man hot dog rules.)

I have so many questions. One: Why is Ant-Man a Philly-inspired dog? Scott Lang is from San Francisco BUT Paul Rudd was a member of the Philly Justice cast. (If you do not know this joke, please go and read about the Parks and Recreation joke that just kept bringing me all the joy in this world.) And also, like, Thanos getting fries ON the hot dog? Maybe Thanos isn’t completely wrong …

The Hulk is green with a pickle for a bun (honestly my worst nightmare), and the Winter Soldier loves breakfast for dinner, but everything about this menu is amazing? And that’s not even the best part. Just wait until you see what these hot dogs look like.

The thing is: Yes. This is the kind of nerd content I want in my life. I just want nerdy food that doesn’t really have anything to do with the Avengers other than having their names, and I want to try them all. Except for the Hulk. I’m so sorry, Bruce, but nothing will get me to try a pickle bun. But maybe I would be willing to sit and try all of these hot dogs at least once just to say that I’ve eaten the Avengers. But then I’d also have to try these burgers.

So the question now is: Which Avenger would you eat?

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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