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Here’s Where You Can Watch ‘RWBY’ Post-Rooster Teeth

Where am I gonna watch my favorite magical weapons-wielding gals team up against the dark forces of a malevolent god? Where can I get my RWBY fix? Someone tell me, right now, or else I’m going to march off into the wilderness to find Revenant myself.

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RWBY takes places in the fantasy realm of Revenant, a realm that was shaped by two diametrically opposed gods, one of Light and one of Darkness. (Zoroastrianism, baby!) The god of Darkness is up to no good, as dark gods are wont to do, and has decided to populate the realm with Creatures of Grimm, malevolent shadow entities that would make the original author of Grimm’s Fairy Tales proud.

These monsters are battled by charismatic young people with complicated weaponry. It’s a whole system. Four young women make up the titular team RWBY and are currently in training as Huntresses at a military academy in order to better stand up against the forces of darkness.

Where can I watch it?

After Warner Bros. announced the death of Rooster Teeth, the animation studio behind RWBY, I was pretty worried. Not jump-off-a-building worried, but definitely halfway up in the elevator. Thankfully, RWBY is safe and sound on Crunchyroll for the viewing pleasure of all—and by “all,” I mean me. Now, when I saw RWBY, I technically mean RWBY: Ice Queendom, which is a reanimated version of the OG series. As for the OG series, its new owners at Viz Media still have to figure out exactly what they’re gonna do with both past episodes and the future of the series.

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