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Where to Donate to Help the Residents of Jackson, Mississippi Right Now

Jackson, MS Skyline with flooding Pearl River in the foreground in August 2022. Image: CRobertson/ Getty Images.

I know the death of a monarch across the pond is getting all the attention, but over 150,000 residents of Jackson, Mississippi have been without clean water for weeks. After decades of neglect by the state, thanks to white flight, corruption, and environmental racism, all it took was another day of excess rain to bring access to clean drinking water to a halt. Residents have been facing boil water notices for a third of the year for decades. Now, once again, they are without water for drinking and cooking. This is a list of some organizations on the ground in Jackson you can donate to help.

If you live in a neighboring state or county/parish, check with the city to see if you can donate water directly. Some municipalities are taking water and sending a truck straight to the city. I missed my local one by a day and chose to donate to the first one on the list instead.

The MS Student Water Crisis Advocacy Team and other more permanent fixtures on the list are delivering water to those without cars, the disabled, and/or the elderly. If you donate via card or any way that’s not Cashapp/Venmo/Paypal, make sure it’s earmarked for general or emergency use if they ask for you to do so. Many of these are registered non-profits and have to follow stricter rules with funds.

All of these places are continually serving the city of Jackson, so that they could use attention and support year-round. Check out Scalawag Magazine for a continuously updated list, and feel free to share organizations in the comments.

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