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Want Some Squishmallows Slippers? Here’s Where To Buy Them.

The world is obsessed with Squishmallows. Whether it’s McDonald’s Happy Meal toys or mushroom-themed plushies, Squishmallows fans just can’t seem to get enough of these adorable little toys. Need Squishmallows for your feet as well? Don’t worry, there are slippers for the cold, wintery months too!

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Squishmallows slippers are available at a wide assortment of stores. Not sure where to shop? Here’s a bit of info about Squishmallows’ around-the-house footwear offerings, and how to pick up a pair of your own.

Where to pick up Squishmallows slippers

Unlike Squishmallows’ Happy Meal toys, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that Squishmallows slippers are in stock across a wide assortment of stores, both online and at brick-and-mortar locations.

One place you won’t be able to find your Squishmallows footwear? On the official Squishmallows website. Unfortunately, the slippers aren’t listed there, which is what makes the search for an official pair so challenging. Luckily, a number of trustworthy retail stores offer slippers instead, so no need to hop on eBay to bid for your own pair.

Target has a number of Squishmallows slippers available, such as Cam the Cat, Lola the Unicorn, Elodie the Octopus, and Toni the Leopard. Walmart also offers a number of options too, including food-themed iterations like ice cream and toast. The American retail chain even sells a number of Christmas-themed slippers, such as a Christmas tree with a Santa hat and an adorable Christmas cat. Squishmallows slippers are also available at Walgreens, Sam’s Club, and Kohl’s.

Amazon offers an assortment of slippers for sale too, although you’ll want to make you’re purchasing an official Squishmallows set before placing your order. For parents, friends, and partners shopping for loved ones, we recommend ordering a pair that is specifically shaped like a Squishmallows plushie, such as the ice cream Squishmallows, Danny the Dino slippers, and Cam the Cat slippers.

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