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Is It Possible That Beta Ray Bill Will Be In ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’? Here’s What We Know

We all love a monster with a heart of gold.

Beta Ray Bill Marvel Comics

The upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder is bringing us a new version of the thunder god with Jane Foster’s the Mighty Thor. However, Jane Foster is not the first character other than Thor to be found worthy by Mjölnir. There have been a few people, a frog, and one very special monster alien named Beta Ray Bill, who have also wielded the hammer.

Beta Ray Bill is a genetically engineered alien who was made to look monstrous and scary to help save the remaining people of his planet. Essentially, he has the shape of a human, but a face that kind of resembles a horse. And fans adore him. Yet, this beloved character has been absent from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or has he?

Beta Ray Bill is a Champion

Beta Ray Bill Thor MCU
(image: Marvel)

In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor traveled to the trash planet Sakaar. He found Hulk trying to live his best life as the champion of Sakaar’s gladiator games. On the building where Hulk (and presumably other champions) lived, the faces of the elite warriors decorated the facade. When we saw it, Hulk’s face was getting added to the group.

If you look just below Hulk’s face, there is the unmistakable horse-like head of Beta Ray Bill. No, it isn’t someone acting as the character. Yet, this gives us so much more information to work with than just a person in the background. We know Beta Ray Bill is in the MCU. We know he not only visited (and could still be on) Sakaar, but that he worked his way up to being one of the honored fighters.

Is Bill going to get some Love and Thunder?

After his first meeting/fight with Thor in the comic books, Bill picked up Mjölnir and gained Thor’s powers. The two had to battle to see who was more worthy. (Which sounds kind of like a bro thing to do.) When the battle finished, Thor was victorious, but still thought Bill deserved to keep the powers. Thor had the weapon Stormbreaker forged just for Beta Ray Bill. Stormbreaker may sound familiar, as that is the weapon MCU Thor has used since Mjölnir shattered.

As I watched the Thor 4 trailer for the fifth time, I noticed the heroes go back to Sakaar. Although they gave no reason for the visit, I am wondering (and really hoping) if this means Beta Ray Bill may officially join the MCU as a fully realized character. Beta Ray Bill has strong connections with several upcoming MCU projects (not to mention Thor already using Bill’s signature weapon).

Throughout the comics, Bill worked with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova in various space adventures. There are also rumors Lady Sif will return in the new Thor film. Bill and Sif’s off-and-on relationship is one I have enjoyed in the comics and would be an interesting addition to the movies.

I have set my expectations pretty high for Love and Thunder, but I think the cast and crew are ready to deliver (Marvel, maybe not so much). No matter what, we will see what awaits Thor and his ragtag group on July 8th.

(feature image: Marvel)

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