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The Internet Is Very Worried About the Queen’s Small Army of Corgis

Ein from Cowboy Bebop looking sad. Image: Sunrise.

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth (and hopefully the end of the British Crown’s chokehold on convincing people that ruling is a divine right bestowed on a single family, but I digress), many people are concerned (jokingly and seriously) about what this news means for her famous Pembroke Welsh Corgis. In her 96 years, she had over 30 corgis and bred them for decades. They even have their own Wikipedia page and are memorialized in many artworks and photos of her. Unfortunately, a passage from that same Wikipedia page is making everyone concerned about what will happen next.

In July 2015, the Telegraph UK wrote, “but it is understood that the monarch has stopped breeding Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgies because she does not want to leave any behind when she dies.”

Even after this, some continued to gift them to her. She has more animals than corgis but it’s only they who have heart-shaped booties. Anyway, it was a kind of ominous comment, and now, everyone is concerned about these dogs.

Some are going as far as to say that the corgis will be buried with her. It’s not like this tradition is uncommon, especially among royalty in history across the world. Considering that people used to bury their servants and spouses, dogs, in retrospect, are a pretty tame (but still very sad) notion. Luckily, Newsweek and others are pointing to the dogs (including her terriers) and other animals being shared among the family. When they do pass away, the dogs (at least) will likely be buried at the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, England, with a unique gravestone like her other corgies.

It seems the corgis are likely safe, but this is the internet, so it probably won’t stop until every possible meme/joke is made. God save the corgis.

(featured image: Sunrise)

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