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When to Expect the Russo Brothers’ ‘The Electric State’ on Netflix

Ever since the Russo brothers announced they were making a movie based on Simon Stålenhag’s graphic novel, The Electric State, viewers have been anxious to learn when it will be released.

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We’ve been waiting quite some time for The Electric State, as the sci-fi movie was first announced in 2017 when Anthony and Joe Russo acquired the rights to the graphic novel and began looking into producing the film adaptation. However, it took several years for the production to settle on the Russo brothers as directors and for the movie to find a distribution home with Netflix. Things started picking up in 2022 as the movie prepared to begin filming.

Excitement for The Electric State rose further when it announced its star-studded cast. Millie Bobby Brown is set to lead the film, which will also feature Ke Huy Quan, Stanley Tucci, Billy Bob Thornton, Giancarlo Esposito, and Chris Pratt. Given the strong source material and very impressive creative team and cast, the movie holds quite a bit of potential.

When does The Electric State come out?

Unfortunately, The Electric State does not have a confirmed release date yet. Initially, the film was eyeing a 2024 release window. Viewers became suspicious that the movie would not make that release window when Netflix failed to include it in its release slate for 2024. The release slate wasn’t final, though, and Netflix warned the titles and schedule for late 2024 could still change.

The only other indication of the movie’s release date came from The Electric State’s production company, AGBO, which still has “coming in 2024” in the film’s poster on its website. What’s confusing is that if one scrolls past the poster to the written information, the release date is only listed as “coming soon.” So, neither Netflix’s slate nor AGBO’s website appears to have official confirmation of whether the movie is or is not coming in 2024.

Sadly, we are now more than halfway through 2024, and The Electric State still lacks a release date. On top of that, updates on the movie have been very few and far between. It hasn’t even released an official first-look image yet. However, until an official update arrives, we can’t rule out a late 2024 release or early 2025 release on Netflix.

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