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Killer Whale Fights Great White Shark, Wins, Devours Shark’s Corpse

The already-rich Internet video trove of huge awesome animals fighting other huge awesome animals just got a bit richer: the Discovery Channel is currently re-airing an entire documentary on one epic Whale vs. Shark battle.

Shades of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus? What’s even better is the grisly aftermath in which the whales…devour the corpse of their victim.

Oh. Oh my god.

In the excerpt below, the (surviving?) witnesses discuss the battle:

SPOILER ALTER: The whale wins! Should this actually be the case? According to the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual, Huge Sharks are a Challenge Rating of 4, while Orcas are a Challenge Rating of 5.

So, yes, in the zoologically violent spiral-notebook fantasies of 12-year-olds everywhere, things are as they should be.

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