Salem the black cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch

We’ve Found The Best Cat on The Internet, And He’s Fabulously Spooky

Reason one million why black cats are the BEST cats

The internet has some amazing cats, and some amazing spooky stuff. When you put those things together? You get THE BEST CAT EVER TO HAVE LIVED.

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Meet Rover the Cat, who’s diabolically stylish.

As you can see, Rover is strutting down the catwalk (yes, I know what I said) dressed as a wee lil’ dracula. This cat is 100% aware of how good he looks. The video above originally came out in October 2021, but it’s been making the rounds on social media again this year. Maybe it’ll circulate again next year! Maybe Rover’s fashion will become a Halloween tradition!

Rover as much more range than just vampirism, though. He’s got a whole range of styles.

Like all the best cats, Rover is a rescue. According to Petsradar, he was adopted from West Columbia Gorge Humane Society by Angelina Kayyalaynen. After Kayyalaynen discovered that Rover didn’t mind dressing up, she began creating increasingly elaborate outfits for him. Eventually, Vogue Taiwan picked up the story, showcasing some of Rover’s amazing ensembles. Rover even partnered with Fancy Feast for their cat food restaurant promotion!

Rover isn’t just a fashion icon, though. He’s a spokeskitty for black cats everywhere, who have a harder time getting adopted from shelters because of the superstitions attached to them. According to a 2019 study, black cats are adopted less often than cats of other colors, and they’re more likely to be euthanized. In fact, October is Black Cat Awareness Month, which serves as a way to raise awareness about black cats. Contrary to the folklore that claims that black cats are bad luck, real black cats are often friendly, easy to socialized—and exceptionally fabulous, as Rover shows us.

Currently, Rover and Kayyalaynen are taking a step back from social media because of the stress of the war in Kayyalaynen’s home country of Ukraine, but they’re still posting occasionally so that they can, in Kayyalaynen’s words, “share happiness and positivity” with Rover’s fans.

Do you love Rover? Are you inspired by Black Cat Awareness Month? Maybe you should adopt a black cat yourself! If you already have one, please gush about them in the comments. We want to hear about your spooky kitty.

(image: Paramount Domestic Television)

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