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Announcing RunwayRiot, the Ultimate Fashion Site for Women of All Sizes

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We’re thrilled to announce that RunwayRiot, the ultimate fashion site for all women, is launching today.

You’ll be able to hit up our shiny new site for the hottest and latest threads, cool beauty things, news, information and opinion for, and about, women of all sizes who are proud of their ​style and ​their bodies. In fact, we’ve already been scoring some major buzz, and you can sign up to join the newsletter.


Join us live on Instagram and Twitter right now with the hashtag #jointheriot. We’re talking about inclusion in fashion, and we need to hear from you.


You can check out our new managing editor, Iskra Lawrence on Good Morning America today Iskra Lawrence, a​ ​world renowned ​model, is committed ​to ​changing the ​fashion ​game and celebrating all bodies. ​Her name may sound familiar ​because she was the face of the American Eagle and Aerie campaigns, or you may have seen her​ recently profiled in People magazine or Business Insider. You can also thank her for coming up with the idea for the National Eating Disorder Association’s Seal of Approval for unretouched images. Our fashion spreads will be unretouched too so all women will be 100% as hot as they appear in real life.


Iskra will be getting her shine on and talking ​beauty, style and ​body image every day at RunwayRiot ​both in word and videos. Her body acceptance story that fuels her mission is this. “I was trying to change who I was, and then I totally accepted who I was, and knew that I wanted to change the industry instead of me,” she says. “I want to leave a lasting legacy that makes all the designers step up. Why aren’t they dressing us women? They’re making us feel like we’re lesser than the women who are slim because that’s meant to be beautiful. We can use this platform to educate young girls so they’re not worried about their insecurities.”

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Photo by Joseph Bradley


Expect sexy editorials filled with women of all sizes, we’re getting a ​complete ​makeover too with a major e-commerce presence​ and flashy new logo and site so you’ll be able to #shoptheriot. We are really starting from scratch here. ​Think size-diverse visuals and shoppable editorials starring our girl, Iskra and other babealicious women with superior steeze.​ But don’t expect to see the phrase “plus-size” on our site. After all, do we call sizes 0 to 6 under-size? Most of the women who fit into our clothes are the norm, ​not the exception, and we intend to help change that perception.


As companies belatedly wake up to the fact that all women ​want ​all of the sexy things, clothes are looking less embarrassingly out of touch. Women are coming for everything fashion “authorities” told them they couldn’t have. When unapologetic style-conscious women are putting their money where their values are, there’s really no better time for our purpose: storming the runway for access to fashion for all women. We want you on our team, so #jointheriot. Now.


We’ll still have ​a​ rock solid editorial voice and just as crucial, Iskra and the other Runway Riot editors will hand-pick the clothes and beauty goods from any of our hundred​s of​ partners. Stories: Our experienced editorial team dives into stories with purpose and a generous dose of humor, but above all else, we are a sexy, fashion and beauty site for all women. Shopping: We’ll be serving up all the current obsessions we’re lusting after: the sexiest products and ​hope to ​reflect how you, our audience, actually want to dress. We’re excited to kick it with you and try some fly things on. By combining a strong editorial voice with a keen eye for shoppable items we love, the Runway will hear us. Let the riot begin.

Don’t forget to sign up to stay in the loop here, and get in on the conversation on Twitter and Instagram with the #jointheriot hashtag.

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