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Doja Cat’s Pussification and Other Fever-Dream Moments from the Met Gala

2023's Met Gala felt like a fever dream.

The Met Gala is an indulgent bourgeoisie spectacle that deserves a good mocking by virtue of what it stands for—particularly when the theme honors someone who was, for all intents and purposes, a complete and utter ass.

THAT SAID … this Tumblr user has made salient points regarding what the Gala can do for us plebeians:

(This is the viral post in question:)

So, what is this user saying? They’re saying that, if the rich and powerful are going to go to the effort of showing off their wealth and power for the media to eat up—especially at what is, after all, an elaborate costume party—they may as well make it fun. Juicy. Strange. And I wholeheartedly agree! If they’re going to make poor Guy Debord roll around in his grave, they may as well make it fun for the rest of us who have to suffer through it.

With that in mind, these are the looks (and moments) that made us truly feel like we were chugging cough syrup on a Monday night.

The Pussification of Doja Cat

I had to start with this, not just because our Alyssa Shotwell came up with this genius descriptor, but because Doja has truly gone full circle. I remember the first time I heard Doja Cat, when she released “Mooo!” and her hook was, “Bitch I’m a cow, bitch I’m a cow/ I’m not a cat, I don’t say meow!”

Well, apparently, she is a cat, and she brought the whole cat’s meow to the Met Gala:

Doja Cat dressed as a glittery cat at the 2023 Met Gala
(Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue )

Absolutely fantastic. Mildly disturbing (but in the best possible way). We love to see a queen make a full character arc.

And Jared Leto was a cat too, I guess

Jared Leto’s got a bit of a reputation for being … less than pleasant. But you gotta admit, when he commits to a bit, he commits hard:

Jared Leto, dressed in an elaborate cat costume
(Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Here, he’s cosplaying as Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld’s cat. One of our editors called this Leto’s Furry Moment. Well. They may be onto something, and you know what, you do your thing, Mr. 30 Seconds to Mars.

Pedro Pascal’s “Berries and Cream” Era

The first thing that came to mind when I saw Pedro Pascal’s outfit was that he’s just a little lad. Behold: the little lad in question.

Pedro Pascal wears a red coat and black little lad shorts
(Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

People are losing it over his exposed knees, which is equally delightful and very silly. But when one dresses with whimsy in mind, all they can do is invite whimsy in return, no?

Once Again, Lil Nas X Wins the Met Gala

Lil Nas X is pure silver from head to toe, in underwear, boots, masquerade mask, and body paint.
(Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

What more do you want me to say? He’s a man of the people, he knows what we want. Love it.

There Was An Attempt

At a past Met Gala, people were bewildered why SNL star Chloe Fineman was present. Ultimately, Fineman got an invite because she already comes from a family with connections, which understandably made some viewers feel miffed. However, without Fineman, we wouldn’t have gotten this interview:

Now, for anyone familiar with Fineman’s style (and Aubrey Plaza’s commitment to the bit), it’s clear that a lot of this was intentionally meant to be awkward. But it’s unclear whether or not Stella McCartney was in on it, since her response—”Are you not being serious?”—seemed to deflate Fineman a bit.

I don’t like all the articles about how “awkward” this all was, since they feel pretty meanspirited. Unfortunately, events centered around “prestige” are almost never the right places to have a sense of humor—not even humor meant to play up the inherent awkwardness of aid event. We can only hope this was entirely a bit that went over our heads.

A$AP vs. Glasses

I’ve been a fan of A$AP Rocky since I first heard him collab with Tyler, the Creator. Even so, this wasn’t it at ALL:

Yes, it’s a little funny, but mostly pretty shitty! A$AP wanted to make a memorable entrance by sneaking in through the crowd, which is very fun, we love it. However, he didn’t need to push down on this girl’s face to get a leg up—and he certainly didn’t need to shove her glasses off her face!

Thankfully, as seen above, there doesn’t seem to be any ill will here. But still. Lordy.

Cockroach <3

To end on a high, we have to include the biggest star of the night, the class infiltrator, the spokesman for the people of New York: Mr. Dirty Boy Cockroach himself.

Thank god Kevin got his photo! Shine on, you crazy diamond. Thanks for making the night special, we love you.

(Featured Image: Franz Kafka & Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

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