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We Have Been Spared the Horror of a Herschel Walker Senate Term

Warnock wins!

Raphael Warnock smiles and claps while standing in front of a group of supporters holding campaign signs.

The Senate race between incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock and perpetual humiliation Herschel Walker has been distressingly close. Neither man got 50% of the total vote in the November midterm election, so Georgia election rules sent them to a special runoff on Tuesday. Warnock had a solid lead over Walker early in the night, as Georgia doesn’t require election officials to wait until polls close to start counting early votes, the vast majority of which skewed Democrat. As the night went on and results rolled in, the margin steadily closed until the two just spent hours flipping back and forth within about half a percentage point of each other.

At the end of the night, though, Democratic voters turned out and outvoted the systematic disenfranchisement put in place by state Republicans. Multiple outlets have officially called the race for Warnock, who will be headed back for a second Senate term.

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This is extraordinarily good news for the people of Georgia and also the entire country. Not only does this mean we get another term from a passionate, caring, and effective Senator—and a 51st seat for Senate Democrats—but we also get to all collectively forget about the existence of Herschel Walker moving forward.

Truly a great night for all of us.

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