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We Got to Attend the New York Premiere for the Willem Dafoe Movie ‘Inside’

Willem Dafoe at the premiere for Inside in New York City.

Ever wonder to yourself what it must be like being Willem Dafoe? The beloved actor has given us countless amazing performances and is a hero to entire generations. As a millennial, I grew up loving Dafoe’s work and he’s one of those actors you just always know you can trust in how he brings his work to life. Which includes his latest film from director Vasilis Katsoupis and written by Ben Hopkins.

The movie Inside is a look into the powerhouse that is Willem Dafoe. Focused entirely on his performance as one man trapped in an apartment filled with art and a broken heating and cooling system, the film is primarily a one man show. But as with all Dafoe performances, you’re drawn to it because it is Willem Dafoe. We all love him.

Luckily, the Mary Sue was able to attend the red carpet premire for the film and we’re giving you a look at how premieres work and the joy of attending one where you get to stand sort of close to Willem Dafoe.

Heading to the premiere

Premieres are often chaotic, especially as press on the carpet. And Inside, while small, had a lot of wonderful people coming through the Metrograph to share their love for Dafoe and his work. I spoke with the director and the art curator about the film on the carpet and we talked a lot about how the movie has its own very artistic shots that almost flow into art present on the walls in the apartment and it was all part of the larger plan of the film.

But for me, as someone who does love Dafoe, the joy came from standing near where he was doing his photographs and talking with the production company. I didn’t get to speak with Dafoe but seeing someone you love in the flesh for the first time is always an exciting experience. Luckily, I did get to wear one of my favorite shirts from Superyaki that has a picture of Willem Dafoe on it and says “Da Best” underneath it.

It was such a gift to be able to go to the premiere and be there among the creatives of Inside and it shows just how much the team behind the movie loved making it and it is definitely one to watch because who doesn’t want to just spend a lot of time with Willem Dafoe?

(Featured image: Marion Curtis, StarPix)

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