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‘Watchmen’ Animated Movie Teaser Confirms Two-Chapter Release

Since its announcement during San Diego Comic Con 2023, fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the animated film adaptation of Watchmen, and news of a trailer at this year’s Annecy International Animation Film Festival in June only piqued their interest further.

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Warner Bros. released a teaser trailer for the animated film today, following its festival premiere, confirming rumors that the adaptation will be divided into two chapters. The teaser shows brief looks at major Watchmen characters like Rorschach, Dr. Manhattan, Ozymandias, and Nite Owl, with the premise set around Comedian’s murder. Chapter One is expected to release sometime in 2024, while the second chapter will premiere in 2025. The two-part series will get a direct release on physical media like DVD and Blu-Ray.

As per BluRay.com, the first chapter will be released on August 13, but that’s not exactly official until the studio confirms it.

The cast for the film is not confirmed yet, either. As for the plot, while no details have been disclosed, fans will hope that the creators remain faithful to the source material. The comics portrayed an alternate history of the USA, where costumed vigilantes—and even a superhero—are heavily involved in key events like the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal.

The central plot of the comics follows a conspiracy to eliminate all the masked vigilantes, and how the protagonists come out of retirement to address the murder campaign against.

The work of writer Alan Moore, colorist John Higgins, and artist Dave Gibbons, Watchmen has seen multiple adaptations in the past, including but not limited to the 2019 critically acclaimed HBO series, and the 2009 film adaptation by Zack Snyder. While the 2009 film underperformed at the box office, it has attained a cult status among fans over the years. Meanwhile, Alan Moore has made his displeasure about adaptations and sequels of his work known in public.

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