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Elizabeth Warren Has Suspended Her Campaign

Elizabeth Warren

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Elizabeth Warren announced Thursday morning that she was ending her presidential campaign. In the first round of early voting states and the Super Tuesday elections, she came in no higher than third so this isn’t a surprising move. It is, for many of us, still incredibly disappointing.

Warren ran a campaign that spoke deeply to a lot of people. Taking on corruption in politics and big finance was at the core of that campaign and she was one of the few candidates who committed to refusing money from big donors, choosing instead to focus on small donations from grassroots supporters, making calls to regular individual donors and staying for hours after events to take a photo with every single person who wanted one.

Those supporters were drawn to Warren for her tenacity, her kindness, and her extreme capability. The senator with a plan for everything, who singlehandedly got Mike Bloomberg to commit to discontinuing his suppressive NDA practices, was a candidate who convinced her supporters that she not only genuinely cared about them and wanted to make this country better through big, structural change, but that she could.

Obviously, this isn’t the end for Warren. She’s still a sitting U.S. Senator and it seems very likely that she’ll end up on someone’s cabinet if a Democrat does win this thing in November. (Although she has notably not yet offered an endorsement of any candidate.)

We’ll likely have more thoughts on Warren’s departure and where this two-man race goes from here, but for now, we’re just going to sit with our feelings for a bit. We lost a great candidate and while there are plenty of reasons why she wasn’t everyone’s top choice, there’s no denying that sexism (largely manifesting in a lack of media coverage and fears over a woman’s “electability”) played a major role in undermining her campaign, which makes everything sting so much more.

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