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The Mid-Season Trailer for WandaVision Leaves Us With Questions

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The trailer for the second half of Marvel and Disney+’s WandaVision doesn’t give too much away, but it does show the breaking down of this world that Wanda Maximoff has created. From what we know, Wanda has trapped the town of Westview in this sitcom reality. We don’t know what brought her there, but we know that she is creating a world where she gets to live out her relationship with Vision throughout different decades.

Last week, we saw the S.W.O.R.D. side of things and just how much Wanda is controlling the narrative. Expelling Monica Rambeau from Westview made it clear that anyone who challenged her dream world was a “threat” to Wanda and she’d do what she must to protect her home and the family she was building.

But in this new trailer, we get to see exactly how much that fabric of her reality is breaking—or at least how the perfect idea of it isn’t all that Wanda initially thought it to be.

The part of this trailer that really has me thinking is when Agnes breaks character and asks “Should we just take it from the top?” because it seems as if the townspeople are aware of what’s happening—at least to the point that this isn’t real life. But on the flip side, that seems to take Wanda out of it, confusion on her face, just like how she was when “Geraldine” brought up Ultron to her.

I don’t think that Wanda knows fully what is happening. I think the mention of Ultron was just the beginning of her slowly recognizing the part she’s playing in this world, and I don’t think she’s fully going to be a “villain.” To me, Wanda Maximoff has been an anti-hero, much like everyone’s beloved Loki.

With her powers, I think she’s just losing a sense of what needs to be done versus her own desire, and sometimes, that results in a situation completely out of her control—like, for instance, accidentally trapping an entire town in your sitcom dream-life because you have the power to warp reality.

I do love that it seems to be the modern “mockumentary” era that breaks down Wanda’s entire world. Each new clip we see, she’s talking about this reality as if it’s a joke, and maybe that will start to give us some more answers into what exactly is going on with her.

We still have quite a ways to go in WandaVision, with nine five more episodes on the way, and I think the mystery is just beginning. Why did she choose Westview? Are there other forces at play, or is it really just Wanda? I’m sure we’ll find out but I can’t wait to see how this sitcom world starts to fracture and splinter.

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