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WandaVision Keeps Us Guessing About Mutants

Elizabeth Olsen in Episode 6 WandaVision

It seems as if we keep getting hints to mutants existing already in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for them to just quickly be taken back away from us. But “Previously On” gave us a deeper look into Wanda’s past, and I still think that there can be mutants on the horizon …

**Spoilers for WandaVision‘s “Previously On” lie within.**

The M word in the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is something fans have been longing to hear. Mutants. We want them, we’ve been patient, and now you’re giving us an entire show based around one of Magneto’s kids from the comics. Would love to hear just one little slip of the tongue so we know that they’re coming.

But here’s why I think we will get at least a few more hints to Wanda’s mutant comic past in the MCU: Her powers and how they are triggered. In “Previously On,” we get a closer look at Wanda in the HYDRA base and we learn that everyone else they tried to use the Mind Stone on died in the process, meaning that Pietro and Wanda were the only two to survive the experiment.

So while sure, Wanda could have just been a fluke, I think it implies that both she and her brother had dormant powers that needed a bit of a push. Because … you know … their dad is Magneto. (I’m not giving up hope yet.)

Waiting for either confirmation that Wanda is a mutant or the denial of mutants altogether has been a long road and it just keeps going. This week could have easily said that that’s that and Wanda and Pietro just came from two human parents in Sokovia and lucked out during this experiment. But that’s not what happened. We’re still left with a mystery.

Wanda Maximoff is too connected to the mutants for Marvel to not use her to at least bring them into the MCU now that they have the rights. I have hope that we’ll learn about Wanda’s real father and that Sir Ian McKellen rolls up, but that’s my wishful thinking. I’d take something as simple as a mention to Storm or a reference about Logan.

Right now, we’re just sort of waiting to find out when or how we’re going to see the X-Men, since Marvel has the ability to use them. And with Evan Peters returning as Pietro (even if he is fake Pietro or Fietro), it just seems like we can’t dismiss mutants quite yet. Maybe we’ll have to wait until Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but I do love that WandaVision still left enough loopholes in Wanda’s backstory to keep the hope alive.

The M word might come later in the MCU but I’m not ready to just sign off on Wanda’s parentage just yet. There’s too much unanswered.

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