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Let’s All Get Motion Sickness With Robert Rodriguez’s VR Film The Limit

Will Michelle Rodriguez reach through the screen to give me a dramamine?

As VR headsets become more affordable, the film industry is turning its eye towards virtual reality-based storytelling. The format offers up an entirely new medium in which to create film and television, one that can fully immerse its viewers in the action. Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez (Sin City) explores the possibilities of the medium in a 20-minute action short starring Michelle Rodriguez and Norman Reedus.

The Limit, written by Robert Rodriguez and his son Racer Max Rodriguez, stars Michelle Rodriguez as M-13, an “enhanced super-assassin” who leads the viewer on a dangerous and action-packed mission. The viewer is a rogue agent who has lost their identity, and M-13 has been enlisted to help them recover their memories and take revenge on the shadowy organization that made them.

The film includes plenty of action, including shootouts, car explosions, skydiving, and Norman Reedus giving us his best Winter Soldier with his very own mechanical arm. Its storyline and style are nearly identical to 2015’s Hardcore Henry, which follows an amnesiac soldier with cybernetic limbs as he fights his way through a series of videogame-style challenges. Hardcore Henry was filmed in first person POV, further mimicking a first-person shooter.

The film was made in partnership with STXsurreal, the VR and Immersive content division of STX Entertainment. Surreal’s co-founders Rick Rey and Andy Vick said of the film, “The launch of ‘The Limit’ is a watershed moment in VR, and gives fans of premium scripted entertainment a compelling reason put their headsets back on. In keeping with STX’s talent-driven model, we enlisted Robert, Michelle and Norman, who collectively have millions of passionate fans across the globe, to break new ground and bring this category-busting cinematic VR film to life.” Other planned VR films from STXsurreal include a Jay and Silent Bob adventure from Kevin Smith, as well as an action film starring David Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy).

This all sounds like a blast. Kicking ass alongside Michelle Rodriguez? Sign me up … as soon as the room stops spinning and I can peel myself off the floor. Watching a 2-minute trailer on my laptop was enough to turn me green around the gills, so there is no way in hell I’m going to strap on a headset and watch this thing. For all you readers with iron stomachs out there, I am jealous. But surely there must be a way for we nauseated few to get in on the action? All I want to do is feel the digital breeze in my hair as Michelle Rodriguez chucks a handful of my own teeth at me. Is that too much to ask?

(via The Wrap, image: STX Entertainment)

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