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Voxatron, an Awesome-Looking Voxel-Based Arena Shooter

Are you ready for an excellently soundtracked arena shooter game in which everything is destructable, a la Minecraft? And are you ready for it to be made entirely of voxels, those volumetric elements which are so much cooler than 3D pixels? Voxel Music Man is ready. Lexaloffle‘s trailer for Voxatron makes us wish it was “later this year” already, when the game is set to come out for Mac and PC.

Lexaloffle explains:

It’s quite a simple game at heart — mostly just Robotron set in a 3d destructible world with goofy creatures. I’m unsure how major the implications of destructibility will be for gameplay, but it sure is fun to blast away pieces of wall. I’ve also added an experimental wall-building pickup you can use to construct barriers to hide from scary monsters.

The game takes place in a small set of arenas. Some of them feature rooms with set action pieces, somewhere between Knightlore and Smash TV. This is some of the original adventure based design sneaking back in, and an excuse to create thematic environments.

(via RPS | Developer’s page)

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