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TikTok’s “Viva Valentina” Restores Stuffed Animals and Childhoods at the Same Time

*Inquires about my own stuffed animal.*

TikTok account "Viva Valentina" restores stuffed animals.

Tiktoker “Viva Valentina” is restoring childhoods and making dreams come true with her stuffed animal restorations. Tina, who runs the TikTok channel, has been a digital content creator for years. From marketing to cosplay and modeling, she’s done it all when it comes to nerd culture, and when she’s not playing video games or geeking out, she’s restoring stuffed animals and giving them the care that they need. Seriously, there’s a spa bath for them and everything.

So, why does she do this? Like many, her past year has been defined by loss. Tina herself lost her mother to Lymphoma in March of 2020 and found herself shutting down because of that loss. During those moments, she needed something to cling to and to bring her comfort and hope. That’s where “Baby Bear” came in. It was a gift from she gave her mom years ago, and this journey to restore the stuffed animal became a revelation to Tina where she wanted to fix every artifact of childhood that she could because it helped her restore herself.

As someone who has weathered storms with a stuffed fox by my side, I love this. I love the time and dedication that Tina puts into “Viva Valentina.” I love that she lets you join her step by step as she cleans, sews, brushes, and refills the stuffed animals. And I love her honest enthusiasm at seeing her customers get back a restored version of their security stuffed animal.

It’s a great, fun way to put good out there into the world, and I hope Silver Tiger, whose journey is shown below, encourages you to spread a little love today and treasure the things in your life that make you feel safe and secure—especially if they’re stuffed animals.

@viva.valentinaMeet Silver Tiger🤍@sugarstunted #stuffedanimals #stuffedanimalrestoration #cleantok #stuffedanimaltiktok #stuffedanimalrepair #polyfil #smallbusiness♬ Meow – LLusion

@viva.valentinaPart 2: Silver Tiger Restoration @sugarstunted #stuffedanimals #stuffedanimalrestoration #cleantok #stuffedanimalcleaning #shout #stainremover #clean♬ Sunset Vibes – Lofi Network

@viva.valentinaSilver Tiger reveal 🙌🏽 @sugarstunted #stuffedanimals #stuffedanimalrestoration #stuffedanimaltiktok #polyfil #dritzsewing #beforeandafter #joblife♬ Ocean – Hazy

@viva.valentinaWhatcha wanna see on YouTube!? @sugarstunted #stuffedanimals #home #stuffedanimalrestoration #wintermagic #stuffedanimaltiktok #joblife #youtuber♬ Meow Meow Meow – Jazz Music Therapy for Cats

@viva.valentinaDuet with @sugarstunted Thank you for trusting me with your Baby! #stuffedanimals #stuffedanimalrestoration #stuffedanimaltiktok #wintermagic #feels♬ original sound – Viva Valentina

(image: “Viva Valentina” TikTok)

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