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Nobody Freak Out, But Marvel Has Expressed Interest In Vin Diesel For Some Reason

Make It So


“Marvel has requested a meeting… no idea what for… haha, you probably know better than me…” Vin Diesel, the man who everyone seems to like even if they don’t necessarily know why (except that he’s Vin Diesel, OK, and that’s reason enough. Also: He’s the Iron Giant) posted this on his Facebook page.

Any preferences as to who, in a perfect world, he would play, assuming the reason for the meeting is movie-related and not, I dunno, asking him to voice a character in a video game or something? There’s no consensus in the Mary Sue office: Susana’s mind jumped to DC instead, saying Diesel should play Black Adam in a Captain Marvel movie, to which Jill responded that Black Adam should clearly be The Rock, and my brain’s just stuck on “Vin Diesel could be in a Marvel movie, holy Christ, I do not have enough excited gifs for this.”


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