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Video Card Museum Opens in Ukraine

Growing from a small exhibition, the Video Card Museum in Kharkov, Ukraine began life in 1998 as a hobby of a gamer, Alexander, learning about new video card models in order to keep up-to-date and play the latest video games. As anyone who attempts to keep up with the PC gaming scene knows, right when you get your shiny new top-of-the-line video card, a better one releases. So, by 2010, Alexander had a collection of 35 video cards, which he put on display with the help of the PCshop Group. During the life of the exhibit, people visited and donated their old video cards; by the time the exhibit closed, the collection grew from 35 to 56, and thus, the Kharkov Video Card Museum was born.

Today, the museum features over 200 items, each displayed with their specifications, star ratings, and a list of recognizable games that can be played on the card at over 35 frames-per-second.

(via Oddity Central)

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