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VERVE Turns Everything Into a Controller. Everything? Everything.

Sorry, Nintendo. This is way better than "waggle."


VERVE is a small hub that connects an array of different sensors to any device that accepts mouse and keyboard input. Once connected, you can set up VERVE to translate light, motion, touch, force, and other inputs into any kind of command you like through a simple, preinstalled app with no coding required.

VERVE has far surpassed its original Kickstarter goal of $30,ooo, probably because it’s amazing. If the Wii got a bunch of otherwise uninterested people to buy a video game console, VERVE is going to blow their minds. Of course, the options are pretty much only limited by your own creativity.

Even better, once you configure the sensors, the configuration data is stored on the VERVE itself, and it will operate any device just like a regular keyboard and mouse would. You can even attach the sensors to physical objects for unique control mechanisms, which is great if you’d like to control your games by getting a workout.

Of course, you can still donate if you want to get your own VERVE at a discount as a reward. There’s even an educator package that comes with extra sensors geared towards science experiments.

We’re really excited to get one of these for ourselves and come up with a bunch of weird ways to use it, because we like to use science for silly things.

(via inXus Interactive on Kickstarter, image via inXus Interactive)

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